Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions in a GOYA box to help my child enjoy it?

In every GOYA art box there is a bulletin that features a short intro from us, a list of the art supplies found in the box, a theme for the month, and inspirational quote, and an art prompt that helps the artist to get started. At this moment we do not have full length instructions. However, we believe that our prompts are a good starting point for artists to spark their imagination.

Why are my supplies damaged?

All art supplies are carefully inspected when placed and packaged inside the box. So, if you find any damaged items it may very well have happened during delivery. In that case, take a picture of your damaged items, send the picture to along with your name, and we will correspond with you to get the specific items replaced at no extra costs.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. We do not accept checks or money orders. If you have chosen the month-to-month subscription: You will be billed initially on the day you signed up with your credit card, and then the first of every month until you decide to cancel. If you have chosen the 3 months, or yearly subscription: You will be charged the full amount upfront. After the segment of months, you will be charged again, until you'd like to cancel.

Do I have to use all the items in the box in order to make the bulletin cover?

No. However, we do our best to provided art supplies that help accomplish the art theme and prompt. So we highly recommend using the art supplies provided. But they are also there just to get you started. Feel free to use previous GOYA art supplies or your own.

What age group is this art box most appropriate for?

Even though GOYA means Gallery Of Young Artists, GOYA art box is for any artistic person who wants to support the efforts of empowering and inspiring young artists. But we do target young artists ages 8 to 18.

How long should I expect to spend on each month's piece?

That will depend on the prompt and how much craftsmanship you put into it. In fact, we encourage craftsmanship, i.e. spend dedicated time thinking through artistic principles and elements such as space, line, color, etc. So the creative process should be given about an hour. But feel free to work on your art piece over time.

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