Paint The World is an effort to encourage positive worldviews and peaceful actions that will help make our world better.

The aim is to inspire and empower young artists 9 - 12 grades to express their thoughts and desires for a better world. Artists will also give insight into the world as they see it and/or want to see it. Some questions for artists to consider asking or answering in the form of their artwork are:

  • What is wrong with the world?
  • What is right with the world?
  • What is the answer to a better world?

Submission Specifications

  1. Artists in 9 - 12 grades submit a globe with their artwork painted on it that tells a story or illustrates the current condition of our world or a future as they desire it. They can be as creative as they want as long as the globe spins fully 360—We want people to be able to touch and gently spin it without obstruction to view the entire globe. 

  2. It is strongly suggested that artists think of the best way to paint and/or adhere texture to their globe. E.g. use clear gesso for painting or Mod-Podge for a collage. Avoid texture or objects that can fall off easily.

  3. Artists also can submit an optional short poem or essay that tells people about their painted world. Artists may be asked to present their world at event showcasing their work.

  4. Artists need to register & pay below after artwork is finished. After registering, an email will be sent to upload quality pictures of your work.

  5. Cost for Registration is $35. This includes a mystery GOYA box filled with art supplies to get you started and a small standing globe!

  6. Submission Deadline: May 1, 2018


  • Best of Show in each Grade Level wins Award Certificate & $250 Sponsor Gift Card
  • 2nd Place in each Grade Level wins Award Certificate & $175 Sponsor Gift Card
  • 3rd Place in each Grade Level wins Award Certificate & $100 Sponsor Gift Card


Event Showcase Location & Date TBD

Register Here

**Only register when you have finished your artwork. After registering, we will email you with next step instructions. Registration does not ensure entry.**