Self-Portrait is all about you! Your style. Your personality.  Express yourself creatively. The aim is to inspire young artists in 5-8 grades to express themselves by making a self-portrait!

Submission Specifications

  1. Artists must be a Cobb or Fulton County, Georgia Resident. 

  2. Artists in 5-8 grades submit a 5x7 portrait that is artistically rendered.

  3. Artists can submit a short poem or essay that tells people about themselves and/or their art. Artists may be asked to share about their artwork at event. This is optional.

  4. Judges for the art contest will evaluate art based on craftsmanship and detail. i.e. You'll have better chance of winning if you spend more time on the art piece and crafting it with contrast, color, and style. They will look for and respond to the “Wow Factor." So think different. Don't rush the creative process. Just as long as it's a portrait of yourself. Please, no photographs, tracing, or collages. You can use ink pens, markers, pencil, watercolor or acrylic paints, colored pencils, or any combination of these for your art.

  5. Cost for Registration is $20 plus s/h. This includes a GOYA art box filled with art supplies (including a 5x7 art board) to get you started. Your entry purchase also pays for a box for a child in need.

  6. Purchase Entry Deadline: September 17, 2018. Your purchase entry must be made before this date. Purchase Entries for this contest are not available after this date.

  7. Submission Deadline: October 17, 2018. All art postmarked after this date will not be entered into show.

Show Date: TBD

Award Sponsors

  • 1st PLACE winner receives Award Certificate & $200 Visa Gift Card

  • 2nd Place winner receives Award Certificate & $150 Visa Gift Card

  • 3rd Place winner receives Award Certificate & $100 Visa Gift Card